Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bountiful Intro's

Hi! Our mommy said we should try to keep track of our lives through blogging. What does she know???? Oh well... I am supposed to introduce myself, my name if Merin. I am a Californian Rabbit. I am the queen of BunnyVille. I am on top of everyone and no one can stop me. I like to annoy mommy anyway I can by doing naught things. I hate to do things when I am supposed to then when I am not supposed to I want to. I did that earlier today when mommy put me on the couch and I started thumping my feet. Then when mommy put me back I got mad because I wanted to get back on the couch! Well so anyway I think you get the point. I love trouble!

Hi I am Nessa. My best friend is Miren. I love being a follower instead of a leader. Anyway I can be nice and obedient I will do. I am calm and a little shy.... Well you see new people scare me a lot. I like to go in my hide-y house and well hide. I scare my mommy sometimes because she thinks I let Merin boss me around. I am happy with it though... Sooooo I guess thats me.

My name is Fintan and I am mommy's little boy. I like to snuggle up with her on the couch. She tries to hide that I am her favourite but I can tell. I love to knock over or destroy anything she puts in my cage to get attention 'cause thats all I want. Anything even just looking at me makes me happy. I need attention all the time and I am not afraid to mention. I am very proud of myself for being mommy's boy.

Hi I am who the buns have been calling mommy. I take care of all of them and they all give me love in return. I got them for a 4-H project but they mean so much more to me than that. I love them so much. I have been offical titled (bymy brothers) The Crazy Bunny Lady. So that is good with me. I hope you enjoy my bunnies as much as I do!